another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 22 August 2011

'miles fom nowhere', i like that, i like that a lot, it sounds like a track off a calexico album, ['album', check me out, i'm not down with the kid's am i?], surely it should be 'miles from anywhere', i prefer the former, anyway, me and dangerous had a ride up tonight, me on the sporty and dangerous on stu's sv650, i'm worried about dangerous, we went out yesterday and by the time we had got 80 miles in, dangerous was talking about the merit's of the sv, he need's to get his finger out and get the triumph sorted, we ended up at the ritz in belper for a showing of the incredible 'tt-closer to the edge' screening, not seen it before and i must admit i didn't sleep easily last night, fantastic, anyway, back to tonight, cloudy but warm and we made the boring, boring ride in 15 minutes flat, grab a coke and have a chat with linda and ammo, the carpark fills quickly and i'm drawn at once to the great sohc honda 750, surely everyones owned one of these?, i've had a couple and can't fault them, this thing is great, someones shoved a ducati usd front end up the front and kicked it's backdoor's in with a monoshock aluminium swingarm, the monoshock casting carefully cut away and fabbed twin shock mountings welded in place, very nice engineering touches all over and a high standard of finish including the paintwork, very, very nice bike, had a look around the rest of the bikes and drifted over to the far side of the carpark to discover the radical beetle hotrod, front end kicked way out, radical roof chop and a baja style back end, german helmet air-filter cover and chrome chain steering wheel, proper attitude, brilliant.


  1. Deep.
    Check this out by the way old man..
    You'll dig it.

  2. I see you've been down to our neck of the woods, lovin the Honda :-)

  3. yep, decided to venture deep into enemy territory!, alway's pleased to get back onto home turf, [derbyshire], what's all that beach thing in slab square all about guzzisue?, very strange, i suppose it's because as land-locked east mercian's and further away from the sea than anyone else in this sceptered isle it is our way of connecting with the sea that surrounds us?