another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 15 August 2011

home after my shift, walk the dog's and get the sporty out of the shed for a ride over to mfn for the monday night bike night, i really don't fancy hanging around in a pub car park tonight, to tell the truth, the ride is a nightmare anyway, 30 and 40 speed limit's all the way, urban riding and speed camera's to boot, no fun, instead i head out into the peak district, it's great to ride the roads at this time of night on a weekday, traffic is very light, just the last few commuter's making their weary way home, there's a decidedly chill feel to the early evening, cloudy and almost autumnal, i guess that's no suprise as it's mid august and the day's are already getting shorter, first time this year i've worn my cromwell open face helmet, the wind is getting behind my glasses and my eyes stream with tear's, i cop a couple of large insects and i know why i mostly ride with my trusty arai full face, but, there's just something about riding in an open face lid at this time of the year, the pollen count is on the way down and i like the fact that you have unrestricted vision instead of catching the periphary and the senses of noise and smell are increased, it started to rain on my way home and i could smell the dampness way before i would have seen the raindrop's on my full-face visor, the induction noise of the big mikuni slurping petrol and air through the bellmouth, yeah, i like open face lids, [sometime's...........]

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  1. Yayayayayaya like the atmosphere you create as you describe your ride, and the bravery of wearing an open face lid, we all know why you ride when nobody is about, because of that truly abominable fuckin front mudguard on what otherwise would be the world's greatest sportster. See the light, listen to the new breed. You dont mix chocolate in yer gravy on yer Sunday roast. You dont touch little boys bums. You dont put a mudgaurd on back to front. Ive got a decent one you can have dude, and like Batman, you know how to find me. My name is Ben. And ALL you fuckers know, I am the new name in bike building. Kneel. Kneel before Zod.