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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

gary, [from sideburn magazine], sent me these beautiful 'speed merchant' pre-load adjuster's to try on the sporty, at last, a decent 'bolt-on' for sportster's, [as opposed to the normal chrome-shit-custom-wank-tat available in the 'lifestyle dealership' [t.m.], ], cnc machined in 6061 aluminium, [or aloominum for our american readers], they are a doddle to fit, you don't even need to remove your bar's, i jacked up the front end to relieve the tension on the springs to make it easier and safer to fit, [you really don't want a fork cap hitting you in the teeth], remove the standard chrome fork cap, drop in the steel shim supplied with the adjuster, fit the 'speed merchant' adjuster cap and you are ready to go, the adjuster's have grooves milled into them so you can tension the springs accurately on both fork legs, i'm running progressive suspension springs and silkolene race fork oil in my bike and have never been happy with the front end until now, the adjusters make it possible to tune your front suspension properly and i've lost that front end 'drunken monkey' feeling that sporty owner's know so well, the bike feel's more planted in the turn's and inspire confidence, i stuck a 3/8" spanner in my pocket and hit the 'test track', my favourite piece of police free 'safety partnership' tarmac, couple of easy adjustment's and i'm sorted, brilliant, highly recommended and well worth the money, took half an hour to fit, [and ten minutes of that was drinking tea and admiring the quality........]

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  1. Thank you Tim..!!
    Glad you like the adjusters....
    Ride Safe..