another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 19 August 2011

friday night, post work ride, the shit that was the working week disappear's as i head out towards wirksworth, stopping for fuel, big fat raindrop's sting my face, [cromwell open-face tonight], big rainbow overhead, i'm chasing the swallow's down the single track lanes, grass growing through the middle of the road, front wheel skipping on the gravel, sky, flash of late evening sunshine, the weekend starts here.....


  1. Gonna have to start a campaign. "Loveless for Poet Laureate"

  2. mmmm neat bike :-) best way to end a bad week! trust squire neil to find another blog for me to read hehe!

  3. Bike's looking lovely. You're bringing it to show at Rollerburn, right?