another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 25 July 2011

 sunday see's me and dangerous making the 50 mile sprint down to leicestershire to look at a bike for dangerous, no deal ensues and we head over to stanford hall for the vintage motorcyle club founder's day rally at stanford hall, it's a beautiful summer's day and we stump up our admission fee, grab a brew and sit on the grass listening to the brass band, yes, really, it's that sort of event, laid back and good humoured and some fantastic bikes and characters present, first bike to catch my eye was the pre-unit triumph, not so much custom bobber as posh salt racer with some fantastic details, i was particularly taken with the drilled out engine mountings, nothing weighs less than holes, the indian board racer was great, and the story an epic, i couldn't get a photo of the 'showcard', [or the two pieces of grubby cardboard box], complete with cartoon's explaining the details, the tz yam, [not sure if it was a 700 or a 750], was pure menacing race machinery and looked like it would hurt you badly if you put a foot wrong, the egli vincent was breathtakingly beautiful as was the harley davidson sidevalve, but, one of the most historic machines was the humble ducati 'cucciolo', apparently the very first ducati ever imported into the country back in 1950 and was an unlikely partnership between ducati and the bicycle manufacturer raleigh of nottingham, it was promoted as a lightweight 'ladies' bike, and i alway's thought that was reserved for the sportster's, like fat-boy-slim said, 'you've come along way baby......'

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  1. I see a shamrock on the side of the TZ maybe its drank a few pints of stout in its day ?