another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

monday night is m.f.n. [miles from nowhere], the bike night at the old shipley boat inn, the scene of many motorcycle action group, scooter and streetfighter rallies in the past and with a great end of season ride in classic and custom show, i had a blast over on the sporty, my first visit of the year, soon caught up with stu, ammo, lyn and barse, [barse had with him the remains of the shovelhead primary belt that had exploded and ripped all the teeth from it on sunday as he and gordie were making their way over to uttoxeter for the vintjap show at the racecourse, i grabbed a coke, [proper, ice cold in a bottle, full sugar] and perused the carpark, i clocked wacky's little bmw cafe racer straight away, known wack for a few year's, we aren't mates as such but have the crack when we meet up, he's had some nice bike's in the past, used to race and got pissed off with the whole harley thing, [even though he still own's a couple], he built the 600 beemer for fifteen hundred quid and loves it to death, like he said to me, 'i've spent five grand on wheel's for a harley before now and i ain't had as many look's as i've had on this little fucker', great little bike and most of it done the old way, calling in favour's swapping and bartering, i'm loving the 'numberplate' stuck on the back of the battery, [wish i'd have thought of that], the cut down keihin pipes and the seat unit made by some bloke in mansfield who gave him the seat for nothing as he was sticking ten copies on ebay, mint, the ironhead sporty is class too, are brigg's and stratton some sort of custom shop?, [yes, i know who brigg's and stratton are do you?, look them up...........]

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