another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 7 July 2011

mallory park this sunday, festival of a thousand bikes, spent the last couple of nights fettling the 'zed, some serious tackle out in my sessions, thought i'd better make the effort, lot of honda 'replica's' out in my group, [i love them me, mini fireblade engined watercooled 60bhp 'classic's' you might fool some of the people but me? nahhh] , fuck off, i might bolt a topbox on to my east german commuter bike to keep my pack-up in, see you out there, suckers.....[anyone who is going and fancies a brew, i'm in the race paddock, come and say hello,]

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  1. Hi Tim.

    I'm currently building an ETZ 250 cafe racer.
    But i'm trying to make it as close to the race bikes as possible. I wondered if i could quiz you on a few bits and pieces you have fitted to your race bike. If you could email me on that would be great. In an ideal world i'd like to replicate your bike but as a road going example.

    Kind Regards,