another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 19 June 2011

sunday in the loveless shed, adjust the chain on the sporty, make up a couple of brackets to mount the cut down aprilia 125 mudguard and re-mount the supertrapps to eliminate the air leak that's causing the popping and farting on the over-run, [used a couple of pieces of exhaust bandage tape under the mounting clamp's for a 'belt and brace's' fix], quick squirt up the road and i reckon that's sorted it, just need my seat back from mad john and i'm done, mad john's had a 'mare with the paint, the seat unit is a cheapo replica race item, the release agent, [silicone] has got into the weave of the fibreglass and keeps bleeding through the paint, he's had to start from scratch, bonding it with gel-coat to try and stop the silicone affecting the paint, i've told him to have one more go at it and then it's getting a waft of matt black out of an aerosol can, that's it then, brew and sit looking at the racer on the bench, jack under the engine, exhaust off, [engine 'hangs' off the head, stressed member so need to support it to remove the head and barrel's], top engine mount off, head off ready to survey the damage caused by the seizure at cadwell, barrel off, nothing, piston look's fine, bore is un-marked and still showing perfect honing, turn motor over on the end of the crank and it's sounding pretty ominous, knock, knock, knock, fuck, this is going to be expensive, drop ignition cover off and there's three allen screw's rattling about inside, the fixing screws for the pvl ignition have come loose and dropped into the cover letting the sender unit spin around and wreck the rotor, there's aluminium swarf everywhere, deep joy............


  1. In a word - Bugger!!!

  2. Ouch. That looks painful... and expensive :(