another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 14 May 2011

the supertrapps are great pipes but you always end up leaving half your boot melted all over them, i ride with my toes on the footpegs so usually end up with the acrid smell of burning leather/rubber/socks after a ride, dug an arai sticker out of my toolbox and traced it onto a piece of carbon fibre, hacksaw and grind to shape, knock a bracket up out of a piece of ally angle and mill to shape, two holes drilled and mount it off the exhaust clamp, still not happy with the rear light/reg plate bracket so milled a piece of flat to fit inside the mudguard mounting bracket on the frame, centre drilled and turned up a spacer to get everything lined up, the numberplate arrived this morning, yes, it's black and silver, yes my bike's 02 so it's illegal, yes, the plates a 7"x5", yes that's illegal, yes, the numbers are too small and not the correct spacings, that's illegal too, ask me if i give a fuck.....


  1. do you give a fuck.............?

  2. yeah, about of a lot of important things, but the size and colour of your numberplate?....nah!, fuck 'em