another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 13 May 2011

ey up, don't know what happened there but a few of the latest post's have disapeared into the ether, dangerous is away touring the highlands in his motor caravan so i'm left to hold the loveless fort, first thing was a good clean up, lathe and miller cleaned down, shed swept and tools back in their rightful place, with that out of the way i drilled and tapped the tail light bracket and used a couple of button head screws to fix it to the bracket that i made to fix it to the frame under the seat, as i said before, the seat unit is a 'race weight' pattern item and not particularly sturdy so the mounting strap adds some support to the back of the seat unit, i used a couple of pieces of tool drawer liner rubber to act as a cushion and evo-stuck them to the mounting to damp out the vibration, the strap need's some support, i'm not happy mounting it off one bolt as it could 'yawn' if the bolt slackens off.

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