another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 30 May 2011

bank holiday monday, heavy rain today, the dog's look at me in disgust when i suggest a walk and doss down on the sofa ignoring me, i make a brew, dig out mick walker's excellent 'european racing motorcycles' and join the dog's on the sofa, i'm lost in the history of the czechoslovakian jawa's, from the dohc four stroke twins to the 350 v-four two-stroke  that really was a serious threat to the mv ridden by agostini in the hands of the diminutive hands of bill ivy, sadly bill was killed in a crash during practice for the east german grand prix at the sachsenring in 1969, my appetite whetted and i'm on the tinterweb for more details, then i come across this little 250 jawa custom, bloody lovely, remind me to tell you about my mz 250 in a rigid frame bobber project that nearly happened a few years ago........


  1. please credit when you use my images. thank you.

  2. please accept my humble apologies for posting one of your images on my blog, i picked it up off a google search of jawa motorcycles while looking for pictures of the 'work's' racer's, i had no intention of plagarising your work but, to tell you the truth, i'm a little confused why you post them on the internet if you don't want them reposting?,perhaps i'm missing something, i just thought that some people might like to see a great little bike, i don't know if you built it or just took the photo's? surely it's all a bit 'precious' to want a credit for taking the photo if you didn't even build the bike?, i build my motorcycles myself and i take the pictures, feel free to use any of my images if you want and don't bother crediting me because i really don't give a fuck if anyone uses them or not. thank you.