another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 9 April 2011

with all the spacers remade in alumium to further reduce the unsprung weight of the bike, the brake mountings made for the front and rear calipers and the discs and calipers mounted, [using all stainless fasteners] and hours of scraping and wet and dry paper to clean up the powdercoating on the wheel hubs to ensure the discs are running square it was time to drop the bike down onto it's own two wheels and compress the suspension to see what it sit's like, first impressions after five months of it sitting up on the bike-lift?, bloody hell it look's low, i measure it up and it's sitting an inch and a half lower than a stock bike, the fat alloy rim's and the dunlop qualifiers look ok, it's one of those moments of quiet satisfaction when you are building a bike, seeing it at the ride height throw's up a a couple of things i'm not happy with but, on the whole i'm pretty pleased, barse turns up to do some more wiring on the dangerous bonneville and we sit in silence drinking tea and taking in the details, i popped down to see roy at the unit to pick up the limited edition loveless stickers and he made me up the '51' number for the front numberplate, it's illegal to run race numbers on vehicles in the uk and will invalidate your insurance unless you put a line through the number, i reckon roy nailed it perfectly, bolted it back on and dangerous couldn't resist trying it out for size, [and make bbbruumm, bbrummmm, bruuummm noises.........]

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