another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 29 April 2011

cleaned up the stainless unf and unc fasteners that i picked up from the classic bike show, it doesn't matter how many lists you make you always forget something, i forgot the rear sprocket mounting bolts so mocked it up with old bolts to sort the chain alignment, so it was nice to finally get those loctited home, the top rear shock mounting bolt was too short so i replaced that and spun up a new ally spacer to mount the supertrapp cans from, the supertrapps?, you either love them, [i do], or hate them, [dangerous hates them], i know they are on the wrong side of the bike and that the engine isn't the xr750, but they just scream 'flatrack', the pipes are tuned length to the motor and they really suit my big-bore and hsr42 carb so why change it?, i like the straw colour of the stainless too rather than chrome, anyway, it was quite a fruitful day in the loveless shed, i fitted a new choke cable after some ham fisted nob broke the plastic mounting bush on the old one, [ahem], carb off, manifold off, bellmouth off, coil mounting bracket and coils off, funny how a five minute job suddenly swallows up an hour, made up some new ht leads, [moved the coils from under the tank to the top motor mount], made up a brake line for dangerous for the bonneville and we dug the racer out and replaced the 7mm pvl ignition mounting screw that we had rounded off starting the engine using the drill rather than running up and down the road bumping it, [7mm, what sort of size is that?, rarer than dangerous buying a round and another 'stafford' purchase], we timed the engine up, replaced the cover and dangerous pushed me down the road, i dropped the clutch and bumped the motor into life, quick run up the road and everything seems fine, might have to drop a couple of jets, seems a little rich, but i'll wait until we get to rockingham on monday, dangerous notices the pipe-wrap is smoking and i check the exhaust header nut, even though it's lockwired it's loose, tighten that up and we lockwire it from both sides rather than just the one like some nob had forgotten to do last time, [ahem], we work our way around the bike without talking, checking the fasteners are tight, the pads, chain, and steering head bearings, wiping and cleaning the machine, suddenly i realise it's beer 'o clock and we sit out in the yard just looking at the bonneville........


  1. we gotta talk super trapps. I got a two into one for the sporty and having trouble setting it up. Initially I had 12 disc's in and an open end cap. The engine was choking out. now I have 5 and it seems stable but its not performing like the dual I had on before. I noticed your running a cap. What you think keep playin with it?
    hope yer well bro.

  2. jason, stick with the supertrapps, they are the best pipe for the job, you have to take sometime experimenting with how many discs to fit to get the best performance, i use 14 diffuser discs and fit the end caps, fitting the end caps helps the scavenging effect of the motor by creating some back pressure in the header, my motor has a wiseco 1240cc kit, some headwork, just a clean up around the ports, nothing too involved, i run a mikuni hsr42mm carb and i junked the single fire race ignition i had fitted and returned it back to stock harley as it just ran better with that set up, it really depends where you want the power, a nice torquey motor with low down power?, try around 8 diffusers and fit your end cap, do a plug chop and see what colour your plug is, you want that nice wheaty colour, if it's too lean [white] drop a disc or two to richen the mixture, if you want the power at the top end fit more discs and the end cap, just keep checking your plugs, it's the best indication of how your bike is running, my bike pops and farts on the over-run when i roll off the throttle so the mixture is leaning out, you can alter the air mixture screw a couple of turns to richen up the mixture a little but you may have to jet up a size if this doesn't work, hope this helps, keep me informed how you get on mate.