another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 5 March 2011

harley davidson, it really get's my goat that harley don't celebrate their rich sporting heritage, i'm not just talking about the xr series flat-track racers but the '70's two stroke racers that earned them world titles in 250 and 350 gp races between 1974 and 1977, harley themselves don't even mention this astonishing success on their own official website, what's the matter?, afraid you might scare off some estate agent, banker or other business man who's buying into the fatboy/dyna/crossbones big twin weekend warrior experience?, success is based on racing, that's the way it is, always has been, don't hide your head in the sand and sanitise motorcycles for sales, grow some bollocks, man up and admit it, harley davidson won world championship's with two-strokes, celebrate it, get some t- shirts in the 'lifestyle' [t.m.] 'dealership's', [t.m.] instead of a soaring eagle, american flag, stars and bars, freedom machine, boring, old man, totally predictable way, kick out the jam's motherfuckers, walter villa kicked ass.


  1. AH but they do mention it!

    Although how you can find that page from the main page god only knows. And look they give the 2-strokes three whole lines!

  2. bloody hell squire neil, how did you find that? good work fella!

  3. If i told ya,Id have to kill ya mate!