another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 19 March 2011

had a few shed break-in's locally over the last few weeks, we got done a few years back before i had the dog's, they broke into the house while we were in bed, jemmied the front lounge window open, they were in the kitchen when i woke up, down the stairs in my boxers, i chased them up the street, large kitchen knife in hand, they had  a head start on me and ran into the field at the end of the road, i was barefoot and my feet were bleeding from running on the tarmac, i swear if i had caught them i would have cheerfully cut their throats, mr's b phoned the ob and told them i was after them with a large stabbing implement, they were on the scene within seconds, funny how they can get there so quickly to protect the scum who rob peoples houses, to be fair, they released the police dogs on the bastards and the german ripped the shit out of matey's arse when he caught him, they had pinched mrs b's purse, [with the grand total of fourteen quid in it and our four pay-as-you-go phones, mr's b contacted our telephone company and they provided us with a list of the phone numbers that the cheeky twat who got away had used our phones to ring, let's just say, i had a lot a fun with that one, pizza?, concrete delivery?, funeral service?, phone calls at stupid-a-clock? double glazing?, that's why i put the sign on my back gate, you try and get in my shed, you get hurt, simples.

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