another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 14 February 2011

monday night, dangerous is moaning like an old woman, he's come back from his canary island's holiday with a right stinking cold, he's leaning against the bench and bitching so i decide to press on with the speedo/tacho bracket, he's faining disinterest as i drop a couple of parallel's in the miller vice, i knew it, next thing he's on a mission, reducing the stock from both sides, i measure up the mounting holes in the bottom of the speedo case, 40mm centres and measure the 20mm from the centre mounting hole, drill the two mountings 8.5mm clearance and dig out an end mill to counterbore the top and bottom of the mounting holes to take the rubber grommets that came with the aluminium mounting case, when i dropped the speedo in the mounting case i quickly decided that it didn't look right, there is a gap of around 3mm alll around the edge and it looks like it should really be a snug fit, i discard the case and decide to run it without, [the mounting case is a £35 optional extra anyway, you can run them without it],  i used the anodised aluminium buttons that came with the case and bolted up the bracket with a couple of 5mm stainless screws, [all the photo's are of the underneath of the bracket/speedo], i scribed along the edge of the speedo with a sharpie to give a line to mill to and lose some of the straight edges, drop on that tomorrow, quick clean up with a bit of emery and then scribe through the 6mm hole onto the round stock to mount the bracket.

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