another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 11 February 2011

mick jones, saw him with the clash at the kings hall derby on the 'out of control tour', he gave me a can of warm red-stripe lager when we were hanging around outside during the afternoon listening to the sound check for that night's gig, me and my mate glendon were trying to catch a glimpse of joe strummer but he never came outside that cold november day back in 1977, the gig was one of those seminal moments, history in the making, i next saw mick twelve years later in 1989 at the town and country club in north laandaahn, the clash had gone their seperate ways long before and mick was now a member of big audio dynamite, i was on a course for work and staying in leicester, i cadged a lift down with my mate malc who was one of the trainers on the course, the gig ended in chaos, the audience invading the stage and stealing don lett's keyboard and cassette samples, mick came back on stage and appealed for the equipment to be returned so the band could play an encore, i remember getting back to the hotel in the early hours, sleeping through most of the course the next day and then going to see the jesus and mary chain the next night but thats another story, some things never change i guess, oh yeah, malc's just got us tickets for the big audio dynamite gig at rock city in nottingham...... 


  1. I loved BAD. Still like them. I'll probably go to that one with Mrs I. G
    PS The boys let you down again today. Hope some season tickets went on the pitch.

  2. yeah, big audio were sadly underated at the time gary, yes, again humiliation on sky tv, all the nation seeing how inept we are, four points from a possible forty-two, beaten home and away by both our east midlands rivals, not one shot on goal in ninety five minutes of play, i'm afraid the trapdoor is starting to creak..