another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 4 February 2011

friday night, head straight, buzzing from too much coca-cola and coffee, dangerous has bailed out to the canary island's for a week, back in the shed and i knock up a mounting strap for the number-plate, get a piece of aluminium angle from stock, slash it out with a hacksaw, clean up on the miller and pitch the mounting holes on the pillar drill, try to work out the lightening holes out on the bridgeport and no matter how i do it, the bottom mounting hole will show half a hole when the plate is mounted to it, i pitch out and leave a blank, you can't see it from the front and there's only me and dangerous who will notice it anyway, get a piece of pre-preg carbon out of the stock bin and cut it to shape, onto the bench grinder to get it to file tolerances, [have to do this when dangerous is away, he goes apeshit about clogging the wheel's], dress up with wet and dry and trial fit it, looks ok, nice and square, got to nip to roy's for the loveless stickers and '51' number then over to mad john for a coat of clear laquer to seal it.

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