another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

aj chopper, don't know where from but would bet a pound to a pinch of shit it's british, i like strutted bikes, it's an easy and cheap way to get the back end down, i reckon this bike is early '70's judging by the front end, overstock forks with a modded rake to keep the bottom frame rails parallel to the ground, many '60's chop's were unraked, kicking the headstock into the air and generating the whole 'tall' bike thing, i'm digging the tall backrest complete with dead sheep, the hi-level pipes and three headlamp combo, [i bet all three of them didn't work at the same time], it's easy to ridicule bikes like this now but they were at the forefront of the british customising scene back in the day, forget the so called bobbers and chop's [including my own] that people call 'old school' now, proper bike this.

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