another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 15 January 2011

sporty project, searching through my parts stash i came across this lovely little 80mm quick filler, fitted loads of the 100mm fillers into the standard sporty tank but never the smaller brother, dropped the cork gasket onto the tank for a working profile, fuckinghellitstight, worked the dremmel around the mounting and cut out the standard filler, might have bitten off more than i can chew this time..... 


  1. balls of steel
    been wantin to chop me sporty's rear mudguard
    just not man enough

  2. just do it, [sorry, i sound like a fucking nike trainer advert], chopping the sporty mudguard, [yep, mudguard, not fucking fender] is a right job, getting the right profile is a 'mare, bolt it on and use masking tape to get the right shape, cut it oversize and file to shape, takes a lot of work as the sides are quite deep, have you considered a trailer guard? used to be a place on abbey street turning some nice hand-rolled items out for a tenner, don't know if it's still there, [next to rspca], me and barse bought one and got four mudguards out of one profile, [i ran one on my chop, look back through the posts and you'll find a photo]