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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

really need to get a list of stainless fasteners together so i can replace all the tatty zinc plated crap i've stripped off the sporty, i'm going to go for the cheap option and replace anything with metric that is a 'clearance' fit, unfortunately that still leaves me with quite a few old school fasteners to buy, both coarse and fine thread and these are not so easily available from the local fasteners shop, i've been on the 'net and found a few places, the classic car world seems to offer a decent selection at a cheaper price than a lot of the bike outlets who seem to delight in ramping up the prices, tonight i spent a couple of hours cleaning out the powdercoating from the swingarm races and tapping out the top shock mountings, sporty's are peculiar in that they run two paired bearings in the offside swingarm mounting and a spacer between them so they do not bind on each other, the other side is a simple plain bush, i don't know if this is because of the lack of space against the primary cover or not but it seems strange on a twin shock, twin forked swingarm?, i cleaned up the pivot with some scotchbrite and greased everything up and mounted the arm and the new njb shocks in the frame, the njb shocks are racing shocks, which, strange as it may seem we use on the mz racer too and find them really good, they are non-adjustable but tailored to your bike, just ring norman up with the bike model and your weight and he builds them to suit you, i ordered one- inch longer shocks than standard as i want to get some weight over the front wheel, i'm dropping the forks through the yokes to quicken the steering a little too, i won't go into all the in's and out's of fork rake v's trail as there is plenty of reading out there that explains the effect's or if you look back through the racer project build i covered it in there.

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