another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 7 January 2011

the dangerous bonneville project advances, mad john the painter called in to see us this week, he laughed at our attempts to strip the lipstick red paint off the tank with nitromors and tucked it under his arm and chortled as he walked away with it, 'nitromors? fucking rubbish, i drink it for breakfast, i'll sort it', next day, text, 'fucking bastard bin low-baked, leave it with me....', he turned up the next night, his right eye twitching, 'had to hot gun and scrape the paint off, took me seven hours you sheep shaggers', [this is a reference to me and dangerous being rams fans and mad john being from nottinguncrimecitydown the roadwithashitfootballteamham], there's a dint in the tank on the offside, looks like one of the previous fourteen owners has dropped it and the bars have made contact with the tank, dangerous cleaned out the eyebrow triumph badge holes with a 2ba tap and screwed them on, we both agreed it looked mint but will he have the bottle to keep it like that or will mad john get the gig?.....


  1. He's not got the balls to go bare, prove me wrong!

  2. buy another tank at a jumble and paint it then you have the choice ?

  3. told him that ed, we are off to newark autojumble sunday, watch this space.