another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

chris palmer's new mz racer build, chris is our riders rep and does a lot of work representing our club, [bmzrc, the british mz racing club, check out ], he had a really nasty accident at cadwell park last season and had to be airlifted to hospital in the lincolnshire air ambulance helicopter, he's well on the way to recovery and i managed to have a chat with him at our last meeting at snetterton in september where he offered us loads of advice on setting up the bike, chris works in the racing car industry and the quality of the build shines through, twin brembo's, early honda steel-frame cbr600 wheels, maxton forks and shocks, powdercoated crankcases and that lovely combination of international harvester orange and black paintwork, real trick little bike [and i'm dead jealous of that aluminium paddock stand]


  1. Re: Paddock stand, this is a birthday present from a well trained daughter and bike mad son in law..! :) Chloe Palmer x

  2. hi chloe, really must have a word with my daughter! does chris leave little post-it notes all over the place listing his 'small objects of desire'?, i do but it doesn't seem to work! [p.s. your dad deserves it, he's a diamond]