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Saturday, 29 January 2011

caught up with ben today down at the shop, not seen him for a while, we have been trading insults via the blog,  text messages, e-mither's and phone so i thought i'd pop in for a brew and catch up, saturday is probably the busiest day in a tattoo shop so i find it amazing that people book an appointment, knowing they have at least a three month wait and then don't turn up, the bloke ben was tattooing was a nice guy, he had done his research and wanted a run-of-the-mill piece of tribal on his shoulder covering with a japanese piece, a big peony, lotus flower, cherry blossom and wind bar's, i was suprised when he dug out a photo of my hanya masks that he had scanned as a reference! i love tattoo shop's, i reckon ben has the best job in the world, the people you meet are proper, [well, the majority are], he get's to strip ladies down to their scanties and he get's paid for the pleasure, oh yeah, his t-shirt?, 'los bastardos de la muerte', this came from a mammoth tattoo session i was having and we decided to make up a fictional bike club based on one of the 60's biker exploitation films, the name of the gang?, the bastards of death!

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