another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 10 January 2011

brembo caliper originally fitted to a ducati treble-nine, they are a four pot, four pad item, you can pick them up for around forty - fifty quid a piece, spend some time cleaning them up and fit some new stainless hardware and you get a great brake for peanuts, the mounting bracket off the forkleg we made on the miller after using the usual cardboard template to rough out the basic shape, the passenger footpegs on a sporty mount off the swinging arm just to the rear of the swing-arm pivot, dangerous milled the mounting bush down and we tapped the original three-eigths bolt out to 10mm, the pitching is almost the same and mounted a couple of paddock stand bobbins to the arm, the sporty's have no centre stand which makes changing the tyres or any other 'wheels out' job a pain in the arse so this little mod should pay dividends.

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