another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 2 January 2011

after yesterday's mammoth shed session i needed to take a break so breakfast, rouse the dogs and off for a long walk, i'm lucky to live on the southern edge of the peak district so there a lot of walks available without having to drive before i can walk,[ had a bit of a proclaimer's, 500 miles thing going on today], i walk a lot, i find it cathartic, i set off to the west for a change, not done this walk for a while,i walk for a little distance along the old railway line, i've mentioned it before on the blog and guess what?, some genius has realised that the a38 which runs parallel to the railway line and which is a major route between the m1 at junction 28 and which is a total bottleneck if there is anything as much as someone breaking down on it would benefit from a direct link between mansfield and derby and they are talking about trying to re-instate it, alleh-fucking-lula! over to horsley church, a church on a hill basically, same as most churches built on an ancient pagan site, over to horston, horeston, or horsley castle or the remains of, love this place, really foreboding with a real sense of history, mentioned in the reign of stephen between 1135 and 1154, a major norman earthwork in the 1200's and built into a stone castle by king john who added a keep, bailey's, chapel and gatehouse with wide deep ditches defending the castle to the north and east, it fell in to ruin in the '1500's and was stripped of it's fine stonework to build local farmhouses all but the remains of the 'keep. i'm lost in my imagination as i try to picture how the castle would have looked, a little further on and i'm bought back to reality by a burnt out car, end of the road?, for sure, how did they manage to get it up here?, up to brackley gate and back along the ancient packhorse trading route that would have been a major route between the northern counties and derbye, in to little eaton and over to duffield before making the ascent to holbrook and home, as i make my way back along the ridge overlooking the ecclesbourne valley i come across black plastic bags full of rubbish that some bastard has taken a lot of effort in dumping in the countryside instead of either taking to the local tip or getting a skip like the rest of us would have done, there must have been foodstuff in the bags as an animal had ripped open the a couple of bags to get a free lunch, must have been something good as my boy's took a lot of interest in it, big mistake though, i picked up a a gas and electric bill with your name and address on it, you deserve what's coming...........


  1. 10 years ago we used to use that route as one of our lanes
    thro' to coxbench
    there was always burnt out crap down there
    next time your out and about look at the doorway of morley church its stolen from dale abbey
    i am working on a leaflet that hopefully we will use on a "classic" ride out to reclaim dale abbey

  2. cheer's grant, i'll have a look at that next time i'm over that way, dale abbey is another interesting spot, did a post on it back in the summer, let us know about the ride out?

  3. will do......ive been reading that the window at morley is from the abbey too.

  4. Nice one...stich that fucker who dumped the rubbish right up mate, i hate cunts like that!!