another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

sneak preview of the sporty mill, really pleased with the timing case, lot of work, cutting all the surplus metal away with a hacksaw, on the miller to straighten everything up and then a lot of hours slogging away with the wet and dry, worth it though when you see the cheeky little oil pump underneath, got to drop the heads off now and re-time the cams, the carb-mounting/ bellmouth is a work of art, if you know sporties you know they breathe through the air filter mounting bolts back into the standard airfilter box, this is a one-off mounting carved by dangerous on the miller, we had to cross-drill it and the mounting bolts so the breather lines up when you tighten it up, didn't even notice that did you?


  1. t help me out
    where is it venting?
    thing of beauty tho'

  2. stuka, thanks mate, appreciate it.

  3. cheers grant, i'll post a couple of photo's to try and show you what's going on. tim.