another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 16 December 2010

my gs1000 in development, lot of work went into it over this winter, engine was shipped up to bg racing in manchester, [barry gannon used to work for pip higham at the village bike shop, i went up to walkden to talk to pip about tuning my bike and he was really not interested, his mechanic was barry who i got on with and after he left the v.b.s set up on his own at his brothers garage], big bore kit, head work and revised cam timing along with a decent electronic ignition and harris 'works' black chrome, [fuck me, remember them?] and the motor was sorted, the frame got a lot of attention, [if you look carefully you can see the additional bracing tube in the 'v' of the frame below the belray sticker], also added bracing around the headstock under the tank, the brakes were updated with brembo's, [off a guzzi, stripped down and sprayed gold to look like goldlines] and a rear off a mba racer that i scored off sweary bob at spondon racing complete with hanger plate and spacers for a swap with a 25ltr drum of dromus 'b' cutting oil that i nicked from work, i didn't bother fitting the chrome cam cover ends and cut down the side-panels, reflectors on the tail unit, cut down the rear mudguard, junked the centre stand, indicators and sprayed the motor black, [black engines are worth 25bhp, true, ok it's not true but it looks like it should do], the ridiculous xs 1100 headlight stayed, [remember this was the era of the yamaha seca], i rode it until the autumn and then i was offered a deal i couldn't turn down so i let it go and bought a ................


  1. the sad thing is i still think that black engines are 25 hp quicker !

  2. they are aren't they?, mine are anyway when they get the rattlecan treatment!