another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 2 December 2010

i love the isr clutch perch and front brake master cylinders that the superbike boys use but my budget won't stretch to that so i spent a couple of hours in the shed cleaning up my recent purchases from the breaker's, i've used this combination of r1 perch and nissin mastercylinder on my last two project's, [the mz racer and the sporty chop], they work well, you can pick them up cheap, [£20 a pop] and they look great with some elbow grease, mr muscle, [to remove the anodising], nitromors, to strip the ratty powder coating], a combination of a copper wire brush mop in my drill and scotchbrite and some stainless fasteners, thought about some 'pazzo' style levers but not sure if they would look any better than the stock dog-leg levers?


  1. its more satisfaction from cleaning up old ones rather than dropping a wedge on new stuff .when is the MZ race season going to start ?and what is the plan for the race bike more tuning ?

  2. couldn't agree more ed, more you put into it the more satisfaction you get when it's done, the mz season starts again early march, the provisional dates are up on the bmzrc forum, theres twelve rounds of the bemsee championship but we only do eight of them, i'm hoping for the new snetterton '300' cicuit and two at cadwell but silverstone is up too which i hope we don't have to do, more tuning to the 'zed is definetly in the plans, i also need a spare engine which we can tune by stripping and copying the race engine, i'm not going the traditional route with the motor, i have a mate who was a succesful racer who has a few 'ideas' about how we can get a few bhp more out of the old girl, stay tuned, [if you pardon the pun] for updates!