another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 4 December 2010

fuel stop on the england /wales border, bikes are hancock's h2 kawasaki, johns mk1 guzzi and my gs1000 suzuki, the usual suspects from left, mark hancock, me, gail, vincent, lesley hancock, hilary, john, debbie and jeanette, it was a friday afternoon of the august bank holiday, we ended up in newquay, [wales not cornwall], i can remember riding back from the beach up a single lane road to the boarding house we were stopping at, it was a lovely day so we had no helmets on, me, vince and hancock, a police escort mk 2 comes round the bend and we have to stop, no room to get around them, the coppers get out, 'right boyo, what the fuck do you think your'e doin', ridin' with no crash helmets on?', i'm the lead bike and he's talking to me, 'sorry officer, i didn't know we had to wear helmet's here with it being a different country', he looks at me like i've just swapped spit with his grandma, 'look bastard, get your fuckin' helmet's on and don't take the piss', vince and hancock are pissing themselves which makes the situation even worse, 'what you fuckin' laughin' at you wankers?', 'can i apologise for them sir?' i plead, ''no you cunt, get your fuckin'helmets on and fuck off before i book the lot of you'.

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