another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 11 December 2010

always loved my big suzuki's, this was my gs750, out with vince for a midweek scratch, one of those late spring night's, the day's getting longer, we head out into south derbyshire and staffordshire, vinny comes past me on a corner, the bike is bucking and weaving, he's leaving a trail of spaks as his suspension bottoms out and he's grinding his stand on the tarmac, left-hander approaching, i do him here everytime, he hates this corner, i love it, brake light comes on, bye, bye bastard!, got you! oh fuck!, slow-mo, back end slides out fast on the trail of mud the farmer has left spread across the road, bars snatch to the left  and out of my hands as they grip again, left hand grip hits me in the ribs and smashes them, i head butt the tacho, time to bale out, [as if i have a choice....], earth, sky, sliiide, burning, pain, bastard, i try and stand up and fall over, my ribs are fucked, the bike is in the ditch on the right, vince has turned round and is running back to the scene of destruction, 'fuck me, you alright?, that was a big one mate!, fuck me! where's your jeans gone?', i don't know what to do, i'm in shock, my ribs, my bike, [force of the impact ripped the engine out of the frame] and i'm standing there with no jeans on, happy day's........


  1. Class...No jeans on!! fuck sake look at state of dat bike..mad bastards :)

  2. mate, it knocked the shit out of me! i was in a right state, two broken ribs, cuts and bruises everwhere, my left thumb dislocated where the bars snatched, i couldn't move for a week i was so stiff' looked like i'd been run over by a tank!