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Thursday, 18 November 2010

i've always been into martial art's from the first time i saw bruce lee as a schoolboy in the '70's, me and my mate dave broadbent used to go to the abc cinema and watch all the kung-fu film's goggle-eyed, i studied shukakai for ten years  and sankukai karate for four, got my shodan, [black belt] in both, i taught karate for both clubs, one in an affluent village where parent's used us as some sort of babysitting service so they could go to the pub and another in a run-down asian community in nottingham where the elders called the kid's to pray half way through a lesson, loved my time, trained hard and fought harder but in the back of my mind was the doubt that i could achieve more by studying the art by myself, so, i walked away, broke my heart but i realised i didn't need the politics of the karate club world, [last club i was in was the cub's], real martial art's is a dirty, nasty business, you can't show kid's throat strikes that damage the trachaea, eye gouges that can kill or leave an opponent blind or striking techniques that can permanantly disable, i didn't want to go through the motions dancing around in my pyjama's, [gi], but get back to basic's, stuff that work's, i train 4 night's a week, bagwork is important, hand techniques, kick's, elbow's, knees, head's, forget mma bollock's grappling, just enough jitsu throwing techniques thank's, but, at the end of the day ballistic techniques work, fifteen minutes with 14oz gloves and ten with cotton bag gloves, J.H.H. - just. hit. here.

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