another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

the 'zed at mfn custom and classic show, sunday.


  1. MFN...Had a fine weekend there..i remember going into the bar on the saturday morning and ordering a pint of guinness..the barman looks at me like i'm mad and says.."you know it's ten o'clock?"...i says "sorry mate i slept in!!" He shakes his head and pours me the pint..hahaha rest of day spent drinking poteen and blackcurrant and eating pies as all the other food stalls took off cause it was pissing down...happy days.!!!

  2. brilliant!, mfn try really hard to put stuff on for people but often struggle for numbers, it's packed if the weather is good, weathers bad and it's a different tale, shame really, good afternoon on sunday, not many people there, people don't use it and it will go the way of thousands of other pub's up and down the land.