another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 31 October 2010

you might have noticed that a couple of post's i put on last night have disapeared from the blog, apparently some wanker took exception to me using one of 'their' photo's so i've had to delete it, i've deleted all the photo's that aren't mine from yesterday, fuck's me off, most blog's are made up of photo's scanned off the 'net, i try and take as many of my own photo's as possible but if i see something that inspires me or i think i would like to share then, yeah, i admit it i post it, if you want to use any of my photo's feel free to do so, that's what it's all about, and for the twat who complained, feel free to contact me, i would be delighted to have a' 'chat' with you, you spineless bastard, [p.s., your photo's are shit anyway]. rant over, happy halloween everyone, me and gus are in the shed, wearing mask's, sharpening knives and drinking red wine.......


  1. Fuckin primadonnas everywhere mate, better off without their shitty auld pics hahaha.. BUST BUST BUST BUST BUST THE BLOGS...BUST BUST BUST BUST BUST BUST THE BLOGS...TONIGHT(sung to the tune of kill the poor) ;)

  2. they can stick their pictures up their hole .youre better off with your own pics anyways

  3. Never mind busting the blog, it looks like you're busting your dog. Sunk to the makers name plate.