another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 2 October 2010

'stars at darley' meeting this weekend, i called in, did the usual blag of turning left instead of right at the entrance to avoid paying, parked up in the paddock and had a stroll, some nice bikes their but attendance seems a little down on previous years, the contrast between the massive hm plant set up and the novices, with a trailer and tent is massive, josh brookes is sitting in the awning in his chair whilst the mechanics are working on his bike, he even has someone to clean the visor on his helmet, one of the most interesting machines in the paddock was this outfit, i must admit i've not really followed sidecar racing since the days of jock taylor and benga johhannsen but this machine was the 'tater's, the engineering work was incredible, shame that it's usually hidden beneath the bodywork, i don't think i have ever seen a pair of clip-on's so low to the ground, mental.

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