another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

so, that's it then, back to dear old blighty tomorrow, dangerous has texted me to let me know that the gritters are out so that's the end of the riding season, the sporty is going to get stripped and sorted, i still need to find a spare engine for the racer, back to the daily grind, clocks go back saturday so five months of long, dark, cold nights, oh well, at least i can get back to my dog's and we've got watford at home saturday..........


  1. i did the california thing 5 years ago and found it very hard to settle back am still sorry i didn,t emigrate.especially consisering the shit state of this shitty little country,,

  2. Hi Tim, sorry to jump on you the day you returned, but can you check your emails for my number or drop me an email to organise this garage shoot for PB as soon as possible please? They're running out of time and hassling me. Thanks Gary
    PS I love this shitty little country. Being somewhere on holiday is a hell of a lot different to living there.