another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 18 October 2010

so, as we are making the approach into san francisco international airport i glance to my right to get my bearings and see a virgin america plane  pretty close to us, that close i can see pilots in the other plane, i know it's close when the stewardess sitting behind us goes 'shiiiitttttttt', our plane takes a steep turn to the left and starts to climb again, the captain comes on the p.a. and announces that we are 'a little close to the other plane for comfort so we are going to approach again', 11 hour flight, usual scrum through immigration, baggage claim and alamo car hire and we make the half hour drive to our holiday rental at montara beach, the place is stunning, meet the owners, william and christine who show us around before leaving us with two bottles of local champagne and a basket of free-range eggs from their own chickens who have a coop in the backyard, we shower and make the short journey to half moon bay to pick up provisions for our evening meal and breakfast, been awake over twenty four hours now so sleep soon descends, i wake at 4.30am, trish is already up and we sit drinking tea, victims of the dreaded jet-lag, we go back to bed but i'm awake again at 0600 hours, tea and camera in hand i sit on the cliff top watching the pacific break on the rocks below.


  1. so what we had a frost and it rained yesterday!

    enjoy laters

  2. go to dottys for breakfast tis a good feed....

  3. San Frans full of benders. Now plus one. Take care Tim, you and the family have a great time, the place is special. Like your needs. Me and Mr Marsh have broken into your garage and kicked your bmx over, then turned some alloy anal beads on your fisher price bum-lathe. Why was your radio tuned to bum-fm?