another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 24 October 2010

so, after our near death experience, we head south again to the danish town of solvang in the santa ynez valley, i read about the motorcycle museum in an old copy of 'classic racer' magazine and iv'e wanted to see it ever since, it houses the biggest collection of privately owned racing bikes in the world, i park up and walk to the old moss bros store that houses the collection, to my disapointment i read the notice on the door, 'open saturday and sunday', bummer, i peer through the windows looking at the treasure's inside, 'you want to look at the bikes man?' , 'too right mate' i reply, 'see the guy down there sweeping the leaves?', tell him to open up for you',  'no problem man, give me two minutes to get my keys', he opens up for me and tells me to give him a shout when i'm done, trish and the kids wander off for a look around the town and i'm left alone amongst the most incredible collection of racing exotica i have ever seen in one place, the bikes are packed in so tight that i'm struggling to get photo's, bonneville salt flat racer vincent, honda six hailwood 250 tt racer, mv triple, villa four cylinder two-stroke, cz gp bike, gilera dohc, harley xr750 with the shoe on the seat, mondial, jawa and the incredible moto-guzzi v8, i'm sorry the photo's don't do this place justice, i just stood in awe at these machines, if you have any interest in motorcycles make sure you pay a visit.


  1. mate, i cannot tell you about this place, it's in a really strange setting, in a sort of square with not a lot happening, it's an old moss bros. store that shut, still got the wooden floors and changing rooms in there, just a small sign saying 'motorcycle museum' outside, you get inside and it's absoluteley rammed with rare bikes, apparently it's only one third of the blokes collection!