another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

 out on the sporty again today, set off 1730 hours for a quick 60 miles, time to think, mull things over, stop at wingfield manor to warm my hands on the cylinder heads, pulled back to carsington water like a magnet at this time of year, this is the view over the reed beds looking back towards the dam, got a few things sorted in my head, going to drop the sporty down this winter for a tidy up, 25,000 miles on the clock and the old girl needs a bit of therapy, nothing too over the top, powdercoat the frame, the paints flaking off in big lumps, a legacy of riding in winter, might treat her to a set of 17" rims and some decent tyres, i've got some hubs ready to go, perhaps drop a caliper and put a big disc on, deffo need a king sportster tank, i'm sick of searching for fuel every 50 miles, daytime mot too i reckon, scrap the lights, if i get caught out i can always velcro an led headtorch to the trick carbon fibre numberboard i have planned, got to get my finger out and find a spare mz 250 engine, going to strip my race motor down and duplicate whats in there, hopefully adding a few 'little touches' that me and dangerous have in our locker, there;s nothing like cold to focus the brain.


  1. Sounds like just the thing i need right now...some cold riding to clear me head..!! ;)

  2. 17s will look tits. supermoto wheels? mags or spoke?

    i gotta king sporty tank i can put on the slowboat. lemme know.

  3. lucas, thanks for that mate, i'm over in california next week, i'll pick it up!, not sure about which way to go with the 17's yet, you can get japper sport bike wheels for next to nothing but i fancy a nice set of spokes, black anodised or powdercoated, got twin ducati treble nine calipers on at the moment but the little discs not doing the brakes credit, 'reckon i can get away with a big [320, 340, 360?] disc and drop the other one to lose some weight, love the blog by the way, class, [not joking about california, we fly into 'frisco next thursday, driving down to l.a. over the next couple of week's, can't wait!}

  4. sweet. come thru oakland.

    email me:

    lucastwhite at yahoo dot com

    yeah noticed on the re-read you mentioned you got hubs. shoulda guessed spokes.