another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 10 October 2010

kent, early nineties, my bmw cutdown, me looking like judge jules with yellow shades, we had been up all night in the rave tent, dancing with the hells angels, more continentals there than brit's, we had travelled further than most of them and they had to come over the channel, great day's, 'you have the fire?'.......


  1. They are the glasses of a masseef peedo. The badge on the bike reminds me of a dark weapon that roams the streets, laying waste to all that dare to step up. He is the Nightrider. Like from Mad Max. But faster and much, much more handsome. Where is the Batman?

  2. hello anonymous, thanks for your comment, you remind me of a dear friend, we used to call him Ben, 'the world's most hansome man', he used to terrorise the streets of Olde Darbye Towne in the blacker than black M3 'el bastardo' mobile, it's a shame that he dropped so many cool points when the other bad-asse's realised he wasn't packing any loveless axle covers on his nightrain, but i think the final straw was when he found out i'd been shagging his mum wearing my yellow shades! [yes bastard, that's for drawing a cock on me while pretending to design my tattoo you nosher!]