another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 23 October 2010

it's a great night in shell beach, jess, jack and me walk down to the beach to watch the sunset, the waves are 3 to 4ft high, it's cloudy but a mild 59 degrees, we stop to take a photo, i'm aware of a chinking noise, almost like a wind-chime,we walk to the ocean and walk along the shoreline, half way down the beach we stop and look out over the sea, we walk back towards the access stairs to the cliff-top, jack stops to tie his shoe lace and we walk 5-6 metres past the stair to look at the rockpools, i hear the 'wind-chime' sound again and we turn around, there's a deep rumbling noise, and a massive section of the cliff collapses in front of us, the cliff face must be 30 metres high and it's now spread all over the beach where we were just standing, we can't comprehend what has just happened in front of us, these cliff's have stood there against the elements for thousands of years and we just happen to be strolling down the beach when they decide to give it large, the photo's don't really show the size of the fall, check out the picture of the couple walking past it, they heard the sound and were almost as shocked as us when they saw it especially when we told them what had just happened, spooky or what?


  1. Never mind SF. Check out the symetry on the chest under the cruiser vest. Blogs really good dude, take care, bikes costing a fortune, got one of them new machines to do you with when you get back! Ben

  2. Holy Cave-in! Baldman. Scary...yes.