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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

the house wraps itself around us, i cannot take this place in, i wander around looking at the views from different angles, the floors are simple, untreated wood, spaced around two inches apart with an infill of cement, the inside walls are rendered in a rough plaster and either painted white or left in the natural finish, the windows are huge allowing light to flood in and views over the ocean  and mountains, i do a little digging on the 'net and discover the house was designed by a famous californian designer, ron mann and his wife ivy rosequist, [they later designed the famous cannery in san francisco], i go out to look at the chickens in the yard and notice the st.christopher nailed to a piece of wood by the gate, the gate is set in a seven foot high wall which gives you no clue as to what lies behind it, this really is a special place, its full of fantastic books and art, but, above all that, is the energy, i try to capture this in my photo's but nothing can do it justice.

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