another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

second session, everybody is watching carl fogarty and freddie spencer so the pit's are a lot quieter, i get changed into my leathers, our mate john is zipped up, helmet on and ready to go, we help him push his bike onto the starter rollers, three tries, nothing, i back the 'zed onto the rollers and she fires up straight away, dangerous is running backwards and forwards down the pits trying to bump start john, i ride down to the holding area, i'm first there this time, the marshall checks the scrutineering tag and my wristband, shows me the session number, 42 and i nod confirmation, i get a hefty slap across the shoulders, it's mick wild on his 1931 500 tt rudge, 'bloody clutch is slipping like a bastard, where were you yesterday?, i bought you a bike!', mick had promised me a ride on one of his other rudge's on saturday, but, as you know, we were trying to get the 'zed ready until 10pm on the saturday, i make my apologies and mick laughs, 'don't worry about it son', the holding area is rapidly filling up and i glance over my shoulder, everybody looks nervous just like me........ except the bloke on the yamaha fzr750 who appears to be sneering at my mz.......... and the other bikes in the line, your card's marked matey.

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