another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

my bike was on e-bay for a seven day listing, it was up tonight at 1950 hours, top bid was £1550, one thousand, five hundred and fifty pounds, bollocks to that, this bike is the cleanest, best maintained 750ss in the country, every nut and bolt is high grade stainless steel or titanium, it's got a carbon and stainless remus high level exhaust system, k+n air filter, modded air box and re-chip, new chain and sprockets, battery, the brake lines have been replaced with earls performance stainless and carbon lines, even the bleed nipples, banjo's and caliper bolts are stainless, it's got a ducati performance carbon front mudguard, shorty footpegs, single seat conversion, heel plates and front sprocket cover, full service history, brand new bridgestone bt 016 battlax tyres, the aluminium is polished and the paintwork is flawless, you had your chance suckers, this bike ain't for sale now, fuck you.

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