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Thursday, 29 July 2010

had some time off this week, booked a week off to sort a few jobs out and chill, been up early every day, out in the garden with a mug of tea and gus sitting on my knee, [can't get ted up, he isn't a 'morning' dog], visited a few antique shops, junk shops, charity shops and book shops, i took the kid's to meadow hall [meadow-hell] yesterday, it's a massive shopping mall on the outskirts of sheffield, imagine being blind folded and spun around three times and then the blind fold being taken off, i bet you couldn't guess which city you are in, every shop exactly the same, the clothes exactly the same, the layout, exactly the same, i sat outside the apple shop waiting for jack who was lusting after the new i-pad, i clocked the shop assistants, i'm well travelled and i swear they look exactly like the assistants in los angeles, or florida or nevada or wherever, i reckon they shrinkwrap them onto a pallett and deliver them to the shop, put the batteries in and away they go, thats why i like [delete as applicable, junk/charity/antique/secondhand bookshops/autojumbles/old vinyl record shops/builders skips], i love rooting through stuff where everything is different, iv'e bagged a couple of gems this week, the derby county book for £1.60, [featuring legends such as stimac, carbonari, bloomer, mcfarland, hector, mackay, gemmill, charlie george, franny lee, eranio,wanchope and raich carter], the classic motorcycles book by vic willoughby for £2, and the mike hailwood poster riding the honda six at the french gp in 1967 in a tatty frame for £4, i love old stuff me.

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