another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 9 July 2010

........and discovered the pvl ignition is actually for a two-stroke twin and has been timed up 180 degrees out, easy job to make up a puller to get the rotor off the taper, complete bastard trying to get it timed correctly, no key, just straight onto taper so lot's of trial and error, if it's timed 180 degrees out that means we are getting a spark bottom dead centre instead of top dead centre, it's never, ever going to start, quarter drive in electric drill, 12mm socket, spin the motor up and......... nothing, bastard, carb off, check carb floats, miles out, adjust to workshop manual, fuel on, spin up on drill and?.......... nothing................


  1. i can see that rotor not having a key being a problem when you go racing its one thing having starting problems in the shed but when you pack everything up and go racing the bike has to be 110% reliable or you,re down a lot of money and time,make sure you get plenty of testing done before an entry goes in and maybe mark the timing spot and lap the rotor on to the crank,i don,t want to be negative but in 1985 i built a formula 2 bike for short circuits and its amazing when you go racing the abuse the bike gets and this highlights any weakness in the build,granted i was young at the time but learned a lot of lessons and wasted a lot of petrol in my fathers cortina,i am really enjoying the build and look foward to the first race ,,,,,,,,,

  2. cheer's for that ed, i'm under no illusion that i'm in for a lot of heartache with this thing and that the hard work hasn't even started yet, like you say the only way to find out what works and what doesn't is to test everything and try and get the bike as reliable as we can, i'm pretty confident in the chassis and cycle parts but the engine was tuned by someone else and is an unknown commodity.