another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 10 July 2010

after the elation of getting the bike running yesterday it's back to reality today, me and dangerous work through the list of jobs still to do, i knock up a bracket to mount a dial gauge off one of the cylinder head bolts so we can get the ignition timing spot on, we are currently running at 150 before tdc, the optimum is 165 before tdc, we spend the next hour getting the timing cock-on, lock off the stator plate, drill on crankshaft nut and the engine bursts into life easily, the motor sounds sweet if a little smoky from the exhaust, the rev's pick up easily with no hesitation, it won't tick over, naturally, but everything looks good, i kill the motor and check the plug, i'm running a 180 jet, plug is a little oily but iv'e erred on the side of caution and have increased the petrol/oil mix by 10% while we run it in, down to belper van hire, pick up a tranny van, [thats a ford transit van, not a van full of tranny's], chuck the mashing gear, tools and spares in, leathers, helmet, gloves and boots, lash down the bike and we are off to mallory park tomorrow to run the bike in on the track at 'the festival of a thousand bikes', i need to exercise caution as i run the bike in and check everything out but if someone tries to pass me then i just know i'm going to go for it and have a 'comedy' george formby moment and end up in the lake with a duck sitting on my helmet as i surface.

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