another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

10am comes around quicker than i thought, our mate john is in his lewis leathers, [paper thin, if he bins it he's going to be very sore], i help him on with his helmet, [' tight, tight, tighter than that son'] we help him to get his bike onto the rollers to start it, back wheel is spinning, dangerous and me are holding onto the bike to stop it lurching forward, nothing, we try three more times, nothing, we help him to get the bike back on the stand, dangerous is shouting at me now, 'get your fucking leathers on, your out in five minutes', my legs are shaking, i can't do simple tasks, i strip to vest and boxers, pull on my leathers, my back protector is hanging around my arse, the shoulder pads are almost around my elbows, dangerous reaches in and sorts it, boots on, zipped up, arai on, john's words echoing in my head, ['tight, tight, tighter'], i pull my gloves on and dangerous has the bike off the stand, i push it through the maze of vans and line it up with john's starter rollers, i straddle the bike and roll it back onto the rollers, 'right mate, second gear, drop the clutch when i say, front brake on, ready?..............'

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