another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

bottom photo is the home page of east shropshire national chopper club 'shires' show, can't believe it's ten year's old already, had some really good weekends there and the ncc lad's are always up for the crack and friendly, got a lot of time for the chopper club, they work hard to promote custom bikes and their show's are always friendly, laid back events, chuffed then that they chose my sporty chop 'salt racer' to head their homepage for the event held last weekend, thank you, the top photo is a 'work in progress' shot that barse took in december 2006, as you can see the original matt black spray can paint job got ditched for a bare steel 'salt racer' look, one night after a bottle of red wine i took a tin of nitromors to it and finished it off with a scotchbrite pad, i rattle-canned the black racing stripes on and people just seemed to like it, it didn't matter if it got wet or scratched i just cleaned it up with a scotchbrite pad, i liked the 'organic' look of the bike, the way the stripes chipped and faded and how you got a thin coat of surface rust on it overnight on a rally, open the zipper on the tent , quick brew, bungee a kitbag on the tank and off you go, no worries about scratching the paint.

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