another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 4 June 2010

decided that the tank needed something to break up the great paint job applied by mad john so paid my mate roy a visit in the week, i go to football with roy every other week, he sits behind me and jack at pride park, got a scan of the old mz decal off the interweb, roy scanned it and sharpened it up, added the 'loveless engineering' old english font, [after altering the 'v', in old english font the 'v' looks like a 'b', i really don't want 'lobeless' on the tank that's for sure], dropped his memory stick, stuck it in twenty grands worth of roland printer and made these fucking mint decals, he slagged my attempt off at putting my #51 numbers on the seat unit and peeled them off and re-made them on said machine, unfortunatley he had consumed around five bottles of stella and i ended up peeling them off and cutting out my own numbers and backgrounds, roy, mate, love the loveless..........


  1. i hope you know this bike is too good to race!

  2. cheer's ed, it won't look this good once i've slid it across the gravel trap and into the tyre wall!